Valerii Danevych’s Wooden Timepieces

Valerii Danevych is very talented wood crafting master from the Ukraine. He works with tiny wooden pieces, in order to create completely functional wrist-watches that’s made entirely out of wood (how cool is that?), with the sole exception of a metal spring needed to propel the movement. Wood was always one of Valerii favorite materials to work with. He started while he was still in school, creating a guitar with a length of 3cm and human hair strings. After he grew up, his miniatures were not enough for him anymore, so he decided to create watches entirely made of wood. He realized that he needed different types of wood for some of the tiny pieces, but he discovered everything on his own. In 2008, his first wooden pocket watch was completed. If decided you want to buy one of his pieces, you might want to think again, because his latest watch would cost you €100,000. 😀

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I recommend browsing Danevych’s full collection, which shows off a mind blowing range of highly complex and ornate movements. For his efforts, Danevych has been nominated to the Horological Academy of Independent Creators (AHCI), which inducts members based on their contribution to the independent watchmaking scene. 🙂

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