The Wheel House

Circus performers have always had an itch to travel – Caravans and trains load up and move from city to city, tents are erected and dismantled, and the performances themselves are unique and fleeting. Now two acrobats from the Acrojou circus have created a circular, modular home called ‘The Wheel House’ that literally rolls through town! The duo decked out their modified German Wheel with all of the necessities for an adventure and then took off down the street in a sweet, comedic narrative that draws upon elements of navigation, personal relationship, and whimsical architecture. The rig measures 0.8 m deep x 2.15 m high x 2.15 m long and weighs a hefty 215 kg. Taking advantage of ropes and amazing physical skill, the pair walk around the inside of their home, propelling it along its path. Emerging every so often to take their bearings, the travelers roll across the landscape in their 25 minute performance. – via inhabitat

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