Awesomely Creative Way To Punish Your Kid

I found this kind of interesting and thought it would be a good share. 😀

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Kaylee’s stepmother Ally, (who wanted to keep their last name anonymous), discovered the child was bullying another student after a teacher told her that the victim no longer wanted to attend school.

In an e-mail to Ally, the teacher reported that Kaylee had been ‘harassing’ the student for at least three weeks and was tearing apart her wardrobe.  At one point, she even told the other student that she ‘dressed liked a sleaze.’ Those accusations prompted Ally to talk to her stepdaughter.  When Kaylee didn’t take that seriously, Ally decided take matters in her own hands to teach her stepdaughter a lesson.

‘Someone not wanting to go to school anymore based off of something that one other little person said to them. I mean, that’s huge, that’s damaging.’

Ally traveled to a local thrift store and spending just under $50 brought home outfits Kaylee would never wear. Kaylee told KSTU-TV that she actually cried when she first saw the clothes. According to her when she showed up to school classmates, ‘[talked] behind her back.’ However, Kaylee confirmed that she had learned a lesson.

Here are some more funny ways to punish your child  😀

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