Bicycle Sculpture by Guy Lorgeret


Retour a Betton (Return to Betton) has been made by a French artist Guy Lorgeret, which is on display in Betton, a suburb of the north-western French city of Rennes. This sculpture depicts people on bicycles migrating from one bank to another claiming their freedom.

According to the great artist:

Return to Betton Six years ago in Betton, in the same context, I imagined crossing a people migrating from one bank to another. The past ten years of Garden Arts Chateaubourg year, in collaboration with corporate sponsorship (Triballat Sojasun), I proposed to raise to five meters above the ground a group of characters on bicycles. If Chateaubourg is a laboratory of artistic expression, Betton is a public site of application, offering endless views to the facility. This is part of the landscape and multiplies the proposal by its reflections, its movement, its color, its rhythms, its diversity, height differences and changes of direction. It is subject to random phenomena on the whims of nature. Thus, the place is transformed into day. It is confronting this type of space that I can perceive the consistency of a set and judge its value. It is often necessary to repeat the experience, again, check the accuracy of the elements that make up the landscape to make the obvious action its lightness and ability to integrate. On the water, it is a dispersed group claiming his freedom, as a refusal to participate in the competition. Registering my research in the ephemeral, I revives here with the experience of space and the urban environment, I learned how to measure the risks, constraints and fragility.

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