Creative Way to Get Rid of Old Books

Long-bin Chen, New York-based artist, is known for his skillful transformation of books, newspapers, and magazines into sculptures. He use them as his medium and carves figures from blocks of soft stacked paper. When we viewed them from a distance it appears to be made of marble or wood. It is not only commentary on human consumption and waste but it also mourns the pre-digital era of bound books. Chen art approaches the book object as an aesthetic object and attempts to combine ideas and concepts from the East with those from the West.

Chen Long-Bin:

“In my artwork I always use printed matter – discarded books, magazines, and computer printouts; the cultural debris of our information society.  The sculptures I create reference Eastern and Western icons and intellectual figures, thereby exploring cultural meanings and concepts. I always use text in my work and the content of the texts are relevant to my sculptures. My finished sculptures often seem to be wood or marble, though they consist of paper. They are constructed in such a way that the various parts fit together in a seamless manner.” 

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