Johannes Stoetter Turns Living Models Into Objects

A 35 year-old Italian artist, Johannes Stoetter, who is greatly inspired by nature, transforms living models into animals, fruit and landscapes in his stunning paintings. His awesome creations take up to five months to plan and eight hours to paint and earned him the world’s best body painter title. These paintings include a frog made up of three people, fruit, animals and trees.

Johannes said:

I did my first bodypainting experiment in 2000.Five years earlier I had the idea to paint a human body but it took me until I was 23 to try it.The experience was so special that I wanted to do it again immediately – I wanted to try it with different colours, a different model and a different motive. I couldn’t imagine that there would be a way to earn money with bodypainting, but nevertheless I was totally convinced that I wanted to do it – I felt that it was my way.

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