Artist Creates Amazing Tree Troll Inspired by Her Father


Artist Kim Beaton constructed an enormous 12-foot-tall tree troll exclusively out of non-toxic materials i.e. paper, glue, acrylic paint, wood, screws and metal plates. The tree has been designed keeping in mind the image of her late father Hezzie Strombo, a lumberjack from Montana. It took Kim 15 days to create this unique tree troll with the help of a team of 25 volunteers.

Kim explains:

“My father had died a few months prior at 80 years old. On June 2nd, at 3am, I woke from a dream with a clear vision burning in my mind. The image of my dad, old, withered and ancient, transformed into one of the great trees, sitting quietly in a forest. I leaped from my bed, grabbed some clay and sculpted like my mind was on fire. In 40 minutes I had a rough sculpture that said what it needed to. The next morning I began making phone calls, telling my friends that in 6 days time we would begin on a new large piece. The next 6 days, I got materials and made more calls. On June 8th we began, and 15 days later we were done. I have never in my life been so driven to finish a piece.”

The Bellagio Casino bought the tree and now its on display in a climate-controlled environment for 2 1/2 months of the year, around Thanksgiving. About a quarter million people get to admire him during that time.

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