Haunting Call For Entries

Haunting Call For Entries
Haunting Call For Entries

Is there something that has stayed with you ever since you encountered it all those years ago? Do you know any stories of specters and ghosts near where you live? Have you seen one? What do you consider to be a haunting image?

For this exhibition, we’re looking for artwork that interprets the word haunting. It can be anything from it’s most literal sense—ghosts, witches, and other frightful beings derived from mythos –to a more psychological interpretation.
Whatever you choose, we want your unique and meaningful interpretation of this considerably macabre theme.

All international artists, professional and amateur and all art mediums will be considered in this call for entries. Media ranging from photography, wall sculpture, fabric, mixed media, all paintings and drawings including, oil, acrylic, pastels, ink, graphite, etc. It must be able to be hung on a wall to be considered. Sizes up to 12 feet are acceptable.

Accepted entries for this online exhibit will be judged again for our collective live exhibition at one of our art galleries. The artists will be asked if they wish to submit their artwork for the collective exhibition, which is not a requirement to being a part of the online exhibition.


For more information or to submit, please visit:

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