Meet The Awe-inspiring Writer – Myra Ahmad

Hello Creativists! Joining us today is Myra Ahmad, a talented young writer from Pakistan. I hope you will enjoy this interview. Happy Reading! 🙂

A Little About Myra

My name is Myra Ahmad, and I am from Pakistan. I’ve been writing ever since I learned to write. I hope to persue medical studies as a profession. And I would LOVE to become a great writer too!

According To Her:
Myra Ahmad: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Friends: back-bone
Shakespeare: Awe-inspiring
Harry Potter: My childhood


Ways To Stalk Her 😉
Twitter: @myraahmad

Who introduced you to the love of reading?
My mother has the biggest hand in introducing me to reading. She loves reading herself, a love she got from her parents. I grew up watching my grandparents (paternal and maternal) reading and writing in their spare time. Before I could even read or writer, my mother used to buy many children books for me. The first “novel” that I read was borrowed from the school library when I was in grade 2 or 3. It was Enid Blyton’s “The Far-Away Tree” triology. My maternal grandmother used to buy books for me whenever she visited the bookshops. 🙂

When and how’d you get into writing?
When I learned to read, I used to fantasize about a book that would have my name on it. The idea continued to grow. During school, I enjoyed the creative writing lessons. My parents encouraged me here, and I even sent some things to magazines.
My inspirations came from everyday events, and some stories that I would think up while playing or dream up.

Can you remember one of the first things you wrote?
I used to write short stories and poems on drawing books, but I never showed them to anyone. Maybe, my mother knew. My aunt says that the first poem I wrote was one that I wrote about her. She still remembers it. 🙂

Tell us about your books.
I wrote the books when I was in grade 7th so they are not much.

The Gasp” is a supposed to be a thriller novel. Think of it as a Crime-horror-thriller mashup written by a child. You get the idea. It’s about a girl and her survival after her parents’ death.

My Passions” is a collection of poems that I wrote around the same time as the novel. Most of the poems were written for school assignments.

How many times did you read your own books? 😛
Not even once. 😉

What inspired you to write “The Gasp”?
In grade 7th, we had to write a tragedy story for English Final Exam. Given the time, we had roughly about an hour to write the story. Everyone wrote something, so did I. My teacher liked the story very much and encouraged me to expand it. This resulted in “The Gasp”. Although, I lost the original draft, the short story is still embedded in the novel in a modified form.

Where can readers purchase a copy?
The books are available for purchase at You can also buy them at some bookshops in Pakistan, but they are only available in a few cities at this moment.

Have you ever hit someone with your book? 😀
There is an idea in this. Perhaps, when I get around to writing a “thicker” book, I shall hit someone with it. I hope my books would hit people emotionally, though.

Has getting published changed how people treat you?
Immensely. I used to be a behind-the-scenes person before, but getting published has sort of put me in the spotlight. I get the feeling that people now give more consideration to my opinions and what I have to say. Getting published has also enabled me to meet and interact with a lot of people that I had only met in my fantasies, like many of my favourite writers. 🙂

Choose one:
1. Poem or Story: Story
2. Book or Movie: Book
3. Money or Fame: Fame
4. Gasp or My Passions: My Passions

What are you working on currently?
I’m working on a few projects side by side. I’m working on a story, but now the characters are being a little difficult and uncooperative, so I think I shall take a little break from it. In other news, I’m working on a collaborative story with some great writers and illustrators and artists. We are still working on the main story but it is really exciting.

What are your hobbies besides writing?
I read. A lot. That is my number one hobby.
Apart from that, I like to doodle. I wanted to be an artist when I was younger but I never got around to taking it taking it seriously. Much of my free time is spent fixing my family’s phones and computers. -_-

Your all-time favorite book? Why?
I absolutely love The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgen Burnett, and Heidi by Johanna Spyri. Then there is The Hounds of Morrigan by Pat O’ Shea. I like the Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple series too. And anything by Enid Byton.

What are your goals as a writer?
Writing allows me to explore things that otherwise I could not. In a way, it allows me to step into anyone’s shoes in pretty much the way reading does. My goal is to become a writer that is noted for their originality, thoughts and insight into life.
Oh, and a few awards probably won’t hurt either.

Which of your poem is your favorite?
My Life Portrays An Ocean is my favourite because it was the first of the many poems that I wrote that eventually made it to My Passions. Nature’s Track comes second.

What you write, is it part of your personality?
Yes and No. When I write, I take on the personality of what I write. I become the protagonist or antagonist as I write. But much of the characters are based on my own knowledge and understanding. I do enjoy writing about something that is close to me and that I can feel.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?
The best thing is probably the freedom to become whatever I want. So, even though I may not be a crown princess of a far-away land, or a shrewd detective, I can become it and see things the way that they would.

How do you feel after you finished or while you are writing?
Oh, it is an amazing feeling. Writing transports me into a whole new world, and every moment there is worth it. I’m never able to shake off the feelings, or get out of the daze that the whole experience puts me into. It makes me so happy.

If you could meet any writer in history who would it be? Why?
I would love to meet Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie, and I would hug them so hard. They have inspired generations and generations of readers and writers. And J K Rowling, she defined a major part of my childhood.

If the world is going to end in 5 minutes, what would you write?
I would quote,
“After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure” – Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, pg 297)

Do you have a website or blog where we can view your work?
I do keep a blog at Myra Ahmad’s Blog. AND I do apologize for not updating it regularly.

What advice do you have for newbie writer?
Read. Think. Understand. Write.
Like my father puts it, the biggest thing is not to get published; but to actually write, and do it because you want to write.

Myra, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the interview questions. 🙂

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