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Artist Makes Portraits From Space Telescope Photos

“An experiment in generative portraiture” is an art project by Sergio Albia, in which images from the Hubble Space Telescope make up your portrait. At a glance, you actually just see some modern galaxy print patterns, but look a bit closer, you can see how the circles make up a person’s face.  Albiac created a computer program that can transform any portrait into stardust.

Albiac says:

Some models of human creativity describe it as a process that produces novel combinations of pre-existing ideas or objects. We curate these combinations in our human minds. We abort potential creations. This experiment in generative portraiture will be the opposite: it will give birth to as many novel combinations as possible, taking the risks of non curated creation and experimenting with the use of generative strategies to create assisted works of art. It should also raise issues about the origin of value in art: meaning to the viewer eyes, originality, authorship, scarcity, idea generation and execution dexterity. via Visual News

If you’d like to participate, send him a photo of your face & he’ll make you a portrait. You can follow Sergio Albiac on Facebook and Twitter.

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