For Artists Everywhere!

Dear Creativists,

As an artist, we know your interests are as diverse as the colors you use in your works of art. That’s why we have a variety of art communities for you to explore!


1) The Artist’s Magazine celebrates the creative life with colorful reproductions, clear instructions, engaging artist interviews and practical advice.

“I’ve been painting for over 50 years and actually felt I wasn’t likely to pick up anything useful from a periodical. I was very wrong in that regard and each month, I can’t wait to receive the newest edition.”  -Ken V. 

2) Drawing Magazine prepares artists for a successful art career by equipping them with techniques for drawing with charcoal, graphite, pen, colored pencil or any other drawing medium.

“(Drawing) magazines have great reproductions and interesting, well-written articles. Thank you for the inspiration.”  -Darren P. 

3) The Watercolor Artist displays beautiful works of art demonstrating tried-and-true techniques. It is a precise guide of how-to instruction and creative inspiration.

“I like the variety of articles in Watercolor Artist. All aspects of watercolor painting are covered, including various watercolor artists and painting techniques, as well as painting tips, supplies, upcoming events and more.” -Mary S.

4) The Pastel Journal is chockfull of exquisite artwork, in-depth artist interviews and captivating essays as well as regular columns about best practices to help you become a more successful artist.

“If you’re a devoted pastel artist, this is the magazine for you. If you’re only an occasional pastel user, you’ll find it encouraging you to pick up your pastels.” -Marion B

5) Southwest Art is a must-have resource for any art collector, both new and seasoned. Each publication highlights up-and-coming artists and emerging trends.

“Excellent magazine for those interested in art as well as creating and staging beautiful pictures. I would highly recommend this magazine.” -Belinda M.

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