Artist Saves Forgotten Paintings by Adding His Own Hilarious Touch


Artist David Irvine takes existing, unwanted paintings and gives them a second life thanks to his hilarious additions. He calls this Re-Directed Art, and the originals are works that he’s located at thrift stores, yard sales, or even taken from a street curb. Irvine then paints pop culture icons like Darth Vader, Batman, and Bambi into the already-present idyllic landscapes, cityscapes, and turbulent ocean scenes. This transforms the narratives of these once-forgotten works into something that’s lighthearted and funny.

Irvine will often mimic the style of the original painting with coloring, lighting, and similar brushstrokes. But sometimes, he’ll completely ignore that in favor of creating visual contrast. Regardless of how he chooses to work,Re-Directed Art is clever – it saves neglected pictures so that people can enjoy them all over again.

David Irvine website and Facebook page
via [Viralnova]

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