An 8-Bit Superhero Mural Constructed Out of 8,024 Sticky Notes

One day a Reddit user, known as Bruck7, got tired of how sterile and boring his office felt.  So, he put his animative proficiencies to the test when he decided to redecorate the entire workplace with superhero artwork. He and his coworkers spent a day sprucing up the place with pixel art configurations of Marvel and DC superheroes.  8,024 sticky notes were turned into pretty amazing pixelated versions of Batman, Spider-Man and Iron Man to Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Superman and Wonder Woman which cost them $300. That’s one hell of an immortalized investment. For a full look at the project, including both before and after pics and closeups of each superhero, head on over to Imgur.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One comment

  1. Fascinating, a work of art well done; I probably could never do something like this, but it sure takes a lot of guts & hard work, as well as creativity, to do such incredible decorating.-JW

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