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Kirsty Mitchell’s “Wonderland” Honors Her Late Mother Through Lavish Portraits

An award winning British Fine Art Photographer Kirsty Mitchell honor her late mother, who was an English teacher and died from cancer, through her 74 lavish conceptual portraits titled Wonderland. Mitchell began it as a small project in 2009 when she decided to explore childhood stories shared by her mother.

Kirsty Mitchell's "Wonderland" Honors Her Late Mother Through Lavish Portraits

“She was an English teacher, and her life’s great passion was literature and storytelling, After I lost her I struggled greatly, I was unable to remember her without being haunted by the memories of the hospital. So I found myself regressing to the happier times of us sharing the unusual books she constantly collected for myself, and the generations of children who passed through her classroom doors. In the months that followed, I decided to track down some of those original editions, completely unprepared for the emotional impact they would have as I held them in my hands once again. Slowly the concept of creating an unexplained storybook without words dedicated to her, began to form. It felt like the perfect way to celebrate who she was as a person and the legacy she left behind. It was the faded fragments of the book’s illustrations, mixed up with dreams and my experiences through grief that eventually formed the narrative of the series. Ultimately it became a strange and beautiful place to remember and forget, both in the same bittersweet moment.”

Check her mind-blowing conceptual photographs!

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Kirsty Mitchell: Website | Facebook | Kickstarter

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