Richard Lauth – The Metal Man

The 23-year-old Chicago-based engineer Richard Lauth uses his imaginative expertise to create beautiful artworks of  animals, pop culture characters like Star Wars’ Yoda  and sculptures of everyday objects using nothing but metal canvas and a welding machine. Isn’t it amazing how he cleverly incorporates art into his seemingly boring job of pipe welding? The Metal Man undoubtedly took art to a new level of awesomeness!

Showcase of Lauth’s artwork:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He prefers a TIG welding technique, which utilizes a tungsten electrode to deliver a current to the welding site. The puddle that forms is then cooled with a gas. While this undertaking appears quite straightforward, it does require an expert amount of skill. In order to achieve a rainbow-like effect, welders must maintain proper heat control and pressure.

If you like Lauth’s incredible welded artwork, don’t miss his Instagram. But if you REALLY like them, you better head directly to his Etsy shop! 😉

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