art installation

Bodies in Motion | Interactive Installation at Milan Design Week

Design company Humanscale carefully studies the structure of the human body to create health-conscious furniture that reduces tension during long office hours. During the current year’s Milan Design Week the organization welcomed Todd Bracher to plan an intelligent establishment that would address how our bodies work in space.The piece, appropriately titled Bodies in Movement, mirrors the movements of its guests with 15 spotlights that swirl together with users’ limbs.

The work is a reconsidering of the first logical technique for movement discernment created by Swedish psycho-physicist Gunnar Johansson in 1973. Johansson pursued developments by putting lights on various purposes of performing artists’ bodies and afterward recording their developments in obscurity so he could comprehend their activities without (article or activity that meddles with mental core interest). Bodies in Movement utilizes a progressively unpredictable framework created by Studio TheGreenEyl to carry the analysis into the 21st-century.

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