Helvetica, designer’s most favorite typeface, gets a makeover

In December 2014, Monotype Studio decided to remake the world’s most popular typeface with the goal of creating a helvetica that addresses the needs of today’s designers. The owner of Helvetica has spent the past two years trying to improve what is probably the most iconic font, monotype has given Helvetica a refresh. This is the first time Helvetica has been updated in over 35 years. it’s called Helvetica now and it’s available for licensing. This font was originally developed in 1957 by swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger and was digitized in 1983 as Neue Helvetica.

Helvetica Now is the product of dozens of designers and engineers. First and foremost, Helvetica Now offers three separate “masters” for various use cases. the font is available in three sizes— “Micro” version is for small screens, “Text” is for more standard sizes and “Display” is for signage — with every character to be both drawn and spaced differently; with a variety of useful alternates added.

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