Spanish Street Artists Joined Forces to Promote Social Inclusion

Ink and Development have collaborated with Laborvalía to advance the integration of individuals with in capacities into society and the working environment through collaborative mural-making. The social venture, Titanes, will bring 14 road craftsmen counting Okuda San Miguel, Fintan Magee, and Nychos to Spanish regions. Enormous wall paintings will change ancient silos in Calzada de Calatrava, Ciudad Genuine, Corral de Calatrava, Herencia, La Solana, Manzanares, Malagón, Porzuna and Villanueva de los Infantes.

Each craftsman will work nearby individuals of the Laborvalía affiliation to form the realization of the large-scale works come to life through October 2019, and arrange the locale of Ciudad Genuine as a unused craftsmanship goal. The activity marks the 15th anniversary of Urban Craftsmanship, the primary large-format craftsmanship celebration in Spain, which was established bv Ink and Development beneath their past title Pluralform.


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