IKEA’s new campaign ‘ we love the things you hate ‘

For its new social animated campaign “we love things you hate”,  Swedish furniture company IKEA has teamed up with the animation directors, Paul and Matt Layzell.  It is an attempt to convey that they love doing things many of its customer hate. The campaign is composed of a series of short witty and cheerful animations, the campaign brings light comedy to some of IKEA’s biggest client complaints about shopping and how IKEA has ways to solve them.

The campaign features a bold and bright style, comprising four humorous vignettes, shows how IKEA loves to do things that many of its clients hate. It is an opportunity for them to tell the viewer that they don’t only design and sell furniture but also offer home delivery and their engineers visits your home and save your time and energy by putting together your furniture for you. Cool, isn’t it?

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