We have compiled a list of top 10 best mobile health apps for Android and iOS that help you take care of yourself a little bit more.

Every month, many of us think about going to the gym more, taking better care of our health and our nutrition. In short, we start emphasizing on our health. The problem is that most of us also lose the habit in a few weeks because we do not see the results or due to lack of motivation. That is why we have compiled a list of top 10 best mobile health apps for Android and iOS that help you take care of yourself a little bit more with the help of advanced technologies and our smart phones.


1. Runtastic: a classic run application
The Runtastic app is known to be one of the most comprehensive on the market. Indeed, it offers an interesting base to follow the physical efforts, whether it is cycling, swimming or jogging. It records information on speed, calories or distance.

In addition, the premium version offers the possibility of providing the user with a personalized coach and a rigorous follow-up of all progress. The application is downloadable on IOS and Android mobile download platforms.


2. Fizzup: the number 1 fitness app
With FizzUp, you will also have the opportunity to play sports with a very personalized program. The purpose of this app is to offer a simple workout, according to the abilities and goals of each person.

In addition, you will also have the opportunity to play sports anywhere, anytime. The application is accessible to all and downloadable on IOS and Google Play.

Nike Training Club

3. Nike training club, the new Nike sport app
The Nike equipment manufacturer has developed its own applications dedicated to the sport. After Nike Running, aimed at runners, the American firm has hit the fitness target by developing the Nike Training Club app.

The application offers its users programs of more than 100 specific workouts and personalized advice. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to watch educational videos. In short, Nike has relied on a high potential audience to motivate people who want to play sports.


4. S-health, the sports application of Samsung
Samsung Health provides a set of features to help its users stay fit and healthy. Indeed, the app records and analyzes activities and daily habits for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Whether walking, running, cycling, indoor or outdoor sports, it is possible to add and follow a lot of exercises. But also physical activities in one step using the various integrated monitoring devices


5. CARDIIO, For your cardio
The Cardiio app allows you to easily measure your heart rate with a simple tap of your camera or by analyzing the color changes in your face. A practical tool that will allow you to follow the evolution of your fitness during your sports activities.

In its new update the application also offers a series of exercises to be done in 7 minutes.

30 Day Fitness

6. 30 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE, for quick results
30 days fitness challenge is a home-based exercise, suitable for everyone and at any time. Designed by a professional fitness coach, the 30-day fitness challenge helps to improve fitness and health in a scientific way

Over time, the 30-day fitness challenge intensifies step-by-step, allowing you to maintain motivation and train on a daily basis, so that the 30-day fitness challenge allows you to get fit and lose weight. Effective way.

8 Fit

7. 8Fit – Fitness and Nutrition
With 8fit, you will have the opportunity to have a personalized fitness coach and nutrition advice directly on your phone. So you get fast workout programs and made-to-measure healthy recipes.

Millions of users have downloaded the 8fit app and adopted a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle, and see results. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or gain muscle, join them!

Pocket Yoga

8. With Pocket Yoga, do yoga at home!
With Pocket Yoga the position of the lotus and her companions are in your pocket. Install your carpet, and place your mobile in front of you, the Pocket Yoga application will guide you through all sessions.

You will have the choice between 27 different sessions of different durations and difficulties. Each position contains detailed explanations.

7 minute workout

9. Seven minutes workout
If you want to lose weight, have a flat stomach or even get the dream body, the 7 minute Workout app is right for you. It will help you strengthen the abdominal, also with videos on how to perform each exercise.

The most popular 7-minute workout is here! The most suitable workouts for ordinary people like you and me, you can do them anywhere, it only takes 7 minutes.


10. GymPACT
GymPact is the only app that makes you money when you play sports. This money is collected from people who do not.
The concept is simple: make a pact and set a number of days where you will exercise, set an amount you will pay if you do not play sports, and confirm your presence in a gym via GPS. Or save the distances you travel by running, cycling, or walking, with RunKeeper.

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