An immersive inflatable labyrinth of light and color

The recent architecture maze Daedalum by the Designer and the Founder of Architects of Air Alan Parkinson, is a 153-foot long inflatable structure, lately installed as part of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival in London. Through colored panels made of translucent fabric, light fills the tunnels of the labyrinth, bathing the interior in bright and ethereal shades.

“I design the structures to create a particular encounter with the phenomenon of light,” Parkinson told Dezeen. “I devise an architecture to encourage a sense of wonder.”

It is composed of 19 interconnected egg-shaped domes. Named for the father of Icarus and the designer of the minotaur’s Greek Mythology labyrinth, Daedalum is certainly one of quite a few traveling luminaries created and installed in over 40 countries since 1992. The color-soaked roaming network’s hallmark is the ceiling of its Main Dome, inspired by Ro’s 600-piece pattern.

via Dezeen

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