Hyper-Detailed Lego DeLorean Time Machine From Back to the Future

This hyper-detailed Back to the Future Time Machine is invented by Dave Slater. Of all the DIY details that makes up this DeLorean time machine, Doc Brown would probably be most proud of the windshield wipers that are actually look like ninja swords. Of course, in Steven Spielberg’s Back to the Future series Doc Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, is the inventor of the flux condenser. Dave Slater and Doc Brown, seem to think much the same, based on the Dave Flux Capacitor’s design.

The flux condenser (and that’s the only major character) makes it possible to travel time. Since the ultimate component that separates the back from the future delorean from any other old delorean, dave slater deemed necessary to do justice to the flux. While many designers may have completely misunderstood their design or used non-LEGO parts to create it look flawless, dave has preferred to think like doc.

Dave wasn’t stealing plutonium. Instead, he was as imaginative as any deposed inventor and used one of the tools that was most ignored: hands. Yes, a LEGO hand trifecta builds the Y-shaped device for time travel. Seen below, the ninja swords and hands are just a few of the features used to kick this recreation off.

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