Artist Replaced Disposable Plastic Packaging by Bottles and Jars Made Out of Soap

Toilet containers such as shampoo are highly produced and packaged in plastic at comparatively low price. It also has a small lifespan, almost 1 month in use. One person is estimated to apply approximately thousand shampoo bottles over an entire life, most of which can be just thrown away and pollute the surroundings for thousands of years.

Mi Zhou, a student in the Master’s degree program of Central Saint Martins Material Futures, re-imagined the disposable nature of toilet containers by changing the containers into usable products. Zhou’s creations are produced of soap instead of the extensive flexible plastic pipes and tubes filled with lotion, soap, and shampoo.

The translucent containers sport advanced designs in soft colors of mint green, peach, and yellow that bring to mind the classic shapes of perfume bottles and powder boxes. Zhou consulted with Yanhao Shi, a soap artisan, and Luis Spitz, a soap industry expert, to finish her idea. (via designboom)

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