This Genius Girl turns her Tesla into a pickup truck

For years, people have been crying out for Tesla to create a pickup truck. Although Elon Musk has said repeatedly that it is on the way, there is still no sign. So, this San Francisco-based reowned inventor Simone Giertz came up with an idea to convert her Tesla into a Pickup truck.

Giertz is best known for her wacky inventions and ideas. She once turned a piece of her radiation treatment into a lamp. Cool, right? She bought a Tesla specifically for this purpose, which is rather gutsy given that it is her first ever purchase of a vehicle and seriously who thinks about cutting their newly purchased car to turn it into a truck.

She utilizes a lot of big supplies and instruments to build her strange robotic machines,  Giertz discovered that more suited to her lifestyle than a segmented sedan would be the open design of a truck bed and shelves.  Giertz   and her crew tear the vehicle apart and bring it back together using salvaged truck components over the course of several months and then finish it in a remarkably seamless final product.  She succeeded in converting her Tesla into a custom truck that she named the “Truckla” instead of purchasing a separate car. 

But sufficient description; You should watch the behind-the-scenes process video on her Youtube Channel by yourself. It is almost 30 mins long video, but it’s worth a watch.


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