Presence | An interactive exhibition by Dutch Designer

Daan Roosegaarde has released his first giant solo museum installation. It is an interactive experience aimed at awakening its audience to the environmental impact of human beings. The exhibition of Roosegaarde’s Presence, staged by the Groninger Museum, the Netherlands, takes the shape of a sprawling, 800 m sqr installation of dark rooms and phosphorescent mild. At each turn, visitors to the museum are urged to touch, move, push and hug items in the room, leaving an imprint for those who follow.

“I wanted to create a place where you feel connected, You make the artwork and the artwork makes you. Presence shows your relationship with the environment and how we can influence it.” – Daan

via DeZeen

Presence opens with a darkish room arranged round large plinths and grid-like markings. A blue mild beam scans the room constantly, like a photocopier, leaving at the back of a ghostly impression anywhere a tourist blocks the light. visitors frequently climb the plinths, so shadows of our bodies are mendacity throughout them.