Cute Needle-Felt Animals By Lindsey Thomas

Lindsey is a textile artist based in London, England. Working from her home studio, she pokes and stabs at wool with needles from industrial felt-making machines. They have barbs which repeatedly catch the fibres as she stabs, enmeshing them into a sculpted 3-dimensional form in a process which has come to be known as needle felting.

‘I find joy in the way a pile of fluff can be magically transformed into whatever animal might be summoned from my mind. Once the face is there with eyes to peer at me as I stab life into the creatures, I fall a little bit in love with them. I gained a degree in illustration from Middlesex University in 2012. I used my time studying to experiment with mixed media but it wasn’t until afterwards that I discovered fibre art and the wonderful ability of wool to make my illustrated characters three-dimensional. As a child, I was forever drawing animals and imagining what they would be like if they could peel themselves from the paper. Now I know!’

You can follow Lindsey Thomas on Instagram and Facebook to see her works in progress.

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